Mid-Atlantic Offices


Governor Control Systems, Inc. - Full Service Operation in Norfolk, Virginia

GCS in Norfolk, Virginia Home to the world0s largest naval base GCS Mid-Atlantic Office Gateway for US Navy applications and ocean going cruise vessels Our GCS Office in Norfolk Virginia Serving customers in the US Mid-Atlantic Region 1/3 The GCS Mid-Atlantic office is a service and repair facility that offers authorized Woodward governor repairs and maintenance.

The office is supported by GCS’ extensive Woodward inventory and has state-of-the-art Woodward
test equipment. Factory-trained governor technicians are available 24/7 to provide turnkey solutions.
Industries in the Mid-Atlantic region will receive authorized Woodward, Schaller, DCL, TDI, Dynalco,
SpinnerII and Kral service from the GCS Norfolk team.

GCS Mid-Atlantic office specializes in:

  • Control & Actuation Repairs
  • Overhauls / Troubleshooting
  • Electronic Control Services
  • Product Training

Governor Control Systems, Inc.

3120 Arizona Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23513, USA

Telephone: 1 (757) 852-5808
Toll Free: 1 (877) 659-6328
Fax: 1 (757) 852-5809

Email: info@govconsys.com

Specializing in turnkey services for marine, power generation, petrochemical, government
municipalities, and private industries, MSHS Group is ready to serve you!